I grew up in a big city, Montréal, and lived over there for many decades (don’t ask how many, I may tell you and shock myself senseless in the process). Moving up North a few years back, this is one of the first things I had to get used to.

No circulation lights and quaint cross roads that take into consideration, skiers, bikers (not of the motorcycle kind either) and pedestrians alike. At. All. Times.Intersection piétons skieurs cyclistes

The second thing I had to get used to? Skiers in full gear grocery shopping, ski boots and all. We’re kind of outdoorsy in Les Laurentides you might say.

The Linear Park who bisects the village is, in fact, the old railway reclaimed, Le P’tit Train du Nord. The park, some two hundred kilometers long, hops from one village to the next.P'tit Train du Nord - Village

Great fun in any season. Check it out : Parc Linéaire Le P’tit Train du Nord

16-03-26 - strollers - cafés


At one point in INCANDESCENTLY, Liam crosses le Parc Linéaire to meet with Vie at Le Général Café, this very one. They were found over there, busy plotting a surprise for Éolie over coffee and green tea. Imagine my surprise when I spotted them at the back of the room. The scene takes place in the winter time and looks like this, as taken last April (Spring blizzard, don’t ask).


Special bonus, you get a glimpse of the café in the summer time as these pictures were taken last July. Quick, take a peek. Since it’s the end of August now, summer is pretty much over with here. Leaves are already turning color overnight, from green to lush red and gold.

But in my defense, Général Café - étéI’ve been busy editing APPREHENSION the last few weeks, getting Zac’s story ready for publication, so I didn’t post them before now.

Général Café - Belle Saison                                                                                                                        View of Le Général Café from the Linear Park.

Enjoy this slice of (last) summer up here!




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