great fun

Awaiting you here! Read all about it.


       Are you a romance book blogger?

A romance book enthusiast like Sylvie?

Want some inside scoops?

Sneak peeks into upcoming books?

Characters’ interviews?

                   How about Sylvie-time, character-time, fun-time in a closed Facebook group?

If the answer to all of the above is a resounding YES!

Be daring.

Be the first ones to join!

JOIN the easy-going, fun-loving, come as you are,

Reader’s Circle of Sylvie Parizeau.

Building from the ground up. Only 1-CLICK away.

     Sylvie’s Tribe, the last frontier. Boldly go where no woman has gone before.

                                                  And spread the cyber word.

As an awesome member of my Tribe, (insert: you) will get the chance to:

  • Name a character, a pet, something or other in one of my stories
  • Be acknowledged for your own ‘awesomity’ in the Acknowledgements of my upcoming books
  • Become one of my beta readers
  • Share ideas, jokes, favorites quotes and post dream casts
  • Read sneak peeks and snippets from my work-in-progress
  • Interview your favorite characters

But wait, there’s more. You’ll get…

  • Me. As soon as I figure out how social media works. (Kidding.)

Or am I?

Find out some of my quirks.

Like the fact I live on top of a mountain under the proverbial rock with no TV, no cell phone.

(I know. *gasp*)

Did I mention social media challenged? No? Well, consider yourself warned,

and be ready.

Feel like a guinea pig yet? Oh, good. It works. We’ll have so much fun.

Is your click-finger ready? Set? Go.


And now that you’re IN (bwahahaha)—Sorry, don’t mind me. I think I need a shot of caffeine, I’ll be right back. Meanwhile, all you have to do… is share the news—with friends, family, your favorite barista or favorite dental hygienist (here’s to you Niki).

Write a review and post it, if you like, tweet it, spread the word around.

Or simply stop by Amazon and LIKE 4 and 5 stars reviews when you have a moment.

Just know that in any little thing you do, you are awesome.

Seriously awesome.

And from my heart to yours, thank you.


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