Liam & Éolie’s Playlist
(or what they listened to at one point or other in their story 😉) Enjoy!
Françoise Hardy, Le Premier Bonheur du Jour, 1963
The inspiration behind Éolie saying to Liam : c’est mon premier bonheur du jour, on page 183.
Chapter 41, pages 205-207 for the next three.
VIVALDIWinter, All Four Seasons – catch all four here
Éolie is into classical, Celtic and Gregorian. Liam has a more eclectic taste in music and will broaden Éolie’s musical horizon in that scene…
Dave Brubeck QuartetTake Five
Coldplay, Viva La Vida in a rendition by German violin virtuoso, David Garrett
(If you can listen to this particular rendition while reading pages 206-207, well… you’ll be there that much more! 😉)
Roger Hodgson (writer & composer), Supertramp, Dreamer (1972)
(If you can listen to this rendition while reading pages 214-215, you’re in for a shared moment on the road.)
Pachelbel’s Canon in D (enjoy this one hour version, sipping tea, reading a good book…) Or, like Liam and Éolie, just enjoy the B&B they’re at, brunching on page 227.
Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No.3. is what Éolie listens to, writing in her Log Book in Chapter Fifty, page 244, when Liam snatches it away from her.
The Look of Love, original 1967 rendition by Dusty Springfield
*If you can listen to this rendition of the song while reading page 250 you’re in for a treat (or a swoon!) Seriously. 😉
Happy listening while reading everyone!
Sylvie 😘

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