Reason No. 8 – it’s sweet and heartwarming and makes you feel good.

No. 1 - Incandescently - Long lost love


Éolie… My heart takes a tumble just at the fleeting thought of her. My one and only bright light in a messed-up childhood. Long lost love, a strange recurring theme of mine I’ve been grappling with my whole life.

I sigh heavily.

Don’t go there man.




Reason No. 7 – it has a light sprinkle of storybook fairy dust, magic and whimsy.

No. 2 - Incandescently - Are you out there









Reason No. 6 – it has a quirky heroine and a dash of preternatural senses.

No. 3 - Incandescently - Come Monday


“Liam O’shea, you’re hereby put under observation.” I perk up somehow at the idea of treating this like any other scientific project I worked on. And come Monday, I’ll dive into your natural habitat to study your mating rituals and note anything worth emulating.



Reason No. 5 – Liam O’Shea…

No. 4 - Incandescently - My gaze Lands



My gaze lands on a small hoodied figure sitting in the back, and our eyes lock for a fraction of a second. I’m knocked sideways, recognizing their dazzling shade of pale aqua in an instant. I catch my breath, and pray I won’t lose all composure.



Reason No. 4 – puts you right back to reason No. 5.

No. 5 - Incandescently - wonderstruck

“Éolie…” I grab her and hold on tight, unable to bear even the smallest distance between us. I can feel  her trembling in my arms—or is it me trembling in hers? “Say my  name again,” I entreat, close to undone.

“Liam,” she breathes, and I close my eyes, wonderstruck, heart cracked wide open by the sound of a voice I’ve been waiting my whole life to hear out loud.



Reason No 3. – Happily Ever After grabs you from the first and doesn’t let you go.

No. 6 - Incandescently - More



“More. I want to live, Éolie. With you. I want you to wake up next to me, and kiss me good morning, every morning. That connection we had, I want it back, in flesh and blood normal. Just say yes and stay, don’t go. We’ll take it as slow as you need, I promise you. Just … stay with me.”




Reason No. 2 – Normal? Never looked so good…

No. 7 - Incandescently - soap

“That’s one way of taking care of it, I suppose,” I say, grabbing another handful of clothes.

“So, what did you do? With your clothes, I mean?” he asks.

“We didn’t wear any.” The look on Liam’s face is priceless.

“Come again?”

“Any soap?” I ask, scanning the empty shelves above the machines, but Liam stares back at me with a vacant look.


Want another reason right off the bat? It’s romantic and sensual.

No. 8 - Incandescently - take Éolie take

Then and only then, do I allow myself a slow run of my tongue along her lower lip, eliciting another breathy sigh that has my already shaky control teetering. My first taste not nearly enough.

My body hums, pulsing with life. My lips tease hers, gently nibbling, then intensely nipping along, enticing Éolie to follow and take, before I go insane with lust. Take Éolie, take.

On a moan, Éolie’s mouth suddenly crashes into mine, gifting me with its delicious reward.

She devastates me.

No. 1 reason to read #Incandescently? – All of the above.

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