BEHIND THE SCENES, or where the magic comes together.


Curious about the pretty amazing people who contribute to my story-telling journey behind the scenes?

Take a look.

The many hats of…



Kindred spirit, awesome fiction author coach, fellow romance author and story development editor extraordinaire. Take your pick, Heather is all of those and then some.

Are you an author? A key player on my self-publishing journey, Heather is a terrific team member to have on your side, her advice, always spot on. I love her mission statement and highly recommend her to anyone of you who will listen.

In need of a little push in the right direction? Visit her website :


Copy Editor

RED ROAD EDITING (and blurb maestro)


Kristina is a fellow author and a pretty sharp copy editor. She makes me look good by whipping into shape misbehaving comas, period. Not to mention, she relentlessly tracks down any weird forms of grammar my French-self comes up with. And the beauty of it? Well now, you’ll never know.

Of note: before meeting Kristina, I suffered from acute Blurb Anemia (read dementia). Writing a good blurb is an art form and if mine did pique your curiosity, it’s all on her. I’m cured!

Curious about Kristina? visit her website:

Beta Reader

MELLENY SMITH, reviewer extraordinaire


One of many, yet one in a million! Book blogger, reviewer, committed reader, I am in awe really, that Melleny graciously accepted to beta read for me on top of her busy schedule. Her keen critical eye and sense of wonder will add another layer of depth and dimension to my stories and I can’t wait for you to enjoy the final results. Exposure, coming up next, will be that much more interesting from her input, I’m sure. P.O.’s ecstatic that she’s on board, 😉 and so am I.

You’ll find her insightful reviews at :




Proof Reader



At the end of the edit process, SF Benson relentlessly pursues and slays those pesky little typos that slipped through, undetected. The ones I’m sure aren’t there after rereading the manuscript a hundred and twelve times by then. She’s my hero!

Typo slayer, fellow author, SF Benson is made of awesome. Check it out yourself—explore her world:


Cover Art Designer

BY HANG LE, designer of my heart


As a reader, book covers fascinate me. In fact, all visual arts do fascinate me. As an author, on January 20, 2016, at 17h12 precisely, I fell in love with all of Hang Le’s book cover designs. Call it happenstance, or serendipity if you will, but it clicked right there.

The overall theme of my Incandescent Series is romantic with a touch of magic and whimsy, something Hang Le understood perfectly, right from the start. The result of this alchemy? Her vision transcends and connects all of the books. Magic.

See for yourself. Visit her gallery, like I do, um… pretty often.

Map Artistry

PAUL SIEGEL, artist hors pair


Paul is the gifted artist behind the storybook mapping of the Enchanted Forest of Laure, and an all-around wonderful person.

Under his brush strokes, the Magic of Laure incandescently flowed enthralling me every step of the way.

Kudos, Paul (and my heartfelt thanks to Katy Regnery for the introduction:

Sneak a peek at Paul’s gallery website (heart).


logo-blog-buttonE.M. TIPPETS BOOK DESIGNS


At the end of the line, formatting is the pièce de résistance that ties all the loose bits into a book, literally.

Emily and her wonderful team are the glue behind mine, expertly piecing together the sum of all its parts into a detailed, cohesive whole, tying it with a bow, ready to deliver to you, dear readers. And I love them to pieces for it!

Intrigued by the process? Visit their website


Marketing Department

Oh. Wait. That’s Me. Myself. And I.

Enjoying the ride. Seriously.


VP Strategic Marketing position opened for consideration. Sense of humor a must. Thinking outside the box, welcomed. Social Media Whisperer a required skill.

Footnote: bribes in the form of dark chocolate accepted, and if Swiss, the better. Are you nuts? Yes. Do visit my website.

There is always room for an additional smile on this team. Will it be yours?

IT Consultant

PHILIPPE-OLIVIER FORTIN of Réseaux-Lution Expert


Philippe-Olivier is my go-to tech. He speaks fluent computer and fixes all of my cybernetics Oops, even the ones I know nothing about yet.

My laptop worships him at a distance.

Yours can too. Visit his website.

Web Developer



Sylvain is the talented web designer behind this website and a pretty chill guy!

He took one look at my Cyber Wishes List and transformed every single one of them into fluid clicks and cool effects.

In need of his brand of magic? Visit his website.

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