Les Savonnières, one of the quaint little shops lining la rue de l’Église, the village main street, over which Liam reflects, and I quote:

« The village is surprisingly not a sleepy little town, thanks to a very large community of artists. Out of every corner, arresting rock or recycled metal sculptures emerges. Interesting murals or wood carvings, inspired by nature, adorn all the shops, the grocery store boasting the largest one—a carved wood painted mural lending a 3D dimension to different flora and native birds that wraps around all four sides. The public bulletin boards at the old train station, now part of a vast two hundred some kilometers long linear park for cross-country skiing and cycling, are all about local exhibits, pottery, photography, custom jewelry, glass blowing, poetry readings, concerts, dance recitals, and the likes. Bistros with creative menus line up la rue de l’Église, alongside cafés with live music, and quaint little shops, offering staples so wide ranging it boggles my mind, the front windows displaying everything from handmade soap to micro-brewery beers, knitwear to hand-crafted furniture.

A short fifteen minutes’ drive away from our place, it’s like stepping into an art explosion anytime we feel like it.

And my roots shoot a growth spurt. »


Well, Liam, I couldn’t have said it better myself ;-).

savon à la poireHandmade soap by Les Savonnières are quite the nice treat in any case. There’s something to be said about the simple pleasure of relaxing in a warm bath filled to the brim in luxuriant bubbles; instant aromatherapy and decadent bliss rolled into one at the end of the day.

DSC_0002 (2)

What’s one of your simple pleasures? And no, reading romance stories do not count; they’re in a category by themselves. A pleasure filled universe all of their own. But you know that.

Tour of la rue de l’Église. À suivre…




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